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What is Gap Insurance?

September 24, 2018

Protecting Your Vehicle with Gap Insurance

GAP insurance covers your “gap” liability and makes it easier to replace your vehicle quickly saving you time and money.

In the event a lease car is totaled or stolen GAP insurance pays the difference between the insurance settlement and the contractual payoff. At D&M Leasing our EZ Lease and EZ Lease Plus include Gap Insurance at no extra cost to you!

GAP insurance is standard on all D&M Auto Leasing contracts. You get the coverage you need if your vehicle is ever totaled or stolen and not recovered. An experienced D&M leasing professional to guide you through the process. You are not responsible for the payoff amount if it is higher than the insurance settlement, just pay your deductible!

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GAP Insurance is included on all D&M car leases at no extra cost. Learn more about D&M’s EZ Lease