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Hernco Inc. Is Growing!

Hernco Inc. acquires Four Stars Auto Group D&M Leasing to add sales options and expands into Texas and Oklahoma areas. June 5, 2017. TEXAS & OKLAHOMA – 06/23/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ […]

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The Car For Your Lifestyle

Taking the kids to their soccer practice, picking the kids up from their soccer practice. Bringing your daughter her lunch when she leaves it on the kitchen counter. Driving to […]

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Getting our Houston Clients Back on The Road!

Check out what our clients in Houston had to say about their experience with us after Hurricane Harvey. “Consistently Excellent!” – Cap’n Rick My original leased vehicle with D&M became […]

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Kellie Rasberry Is a Proud “Minivan Mom!”

    The lovely Kellie Rasberry from The Kidd Kraddick morning show is now a very proud minivan mom! Her agent, Jeff Coren, delivered this new Chrysler Pacifica right to […]

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Houston- Get Back On The Road!

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, it can be overwhelming to get the pieces of life back together. We understand that there is a lot for you to handle and […]

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Get Your Weekends Back!

Read this review from Kyle Willman about his experience with D&M Leasing Houston. “Great company, excellent service! I contacted the Houston branch in the morning on a Saturday, and had […]

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Leasing Vs. Buying

Some people find it hard to believe that D&M Leasing can save them so much money on their new car. We broke down the cost of one of our most […]

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Benefits of Leasing

At D&M Leasing we get asked a lot, “why is leasing a better option for me?” There are so many benefits to leasing a vehicle. You may think you actually […]

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Why Mileage Matters

Mileage is a simple, yet effective way of measuring a car’s use. It gives calculated insight on a vehicle’s condition such as when it will need servicing. There are three […]

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Is Used Car Leasing a Smart Option?

2015 new car sales hit record highs, saturating the market with pre-owned inventory. To make up for the disparity, manufacturers are offering leasing options for gently used cars.  More are […]

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