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Benefits of Leasing

At D&M Leasing we get asked a lot, “why is leasing a better option for me?” There are so many benefits to leasing a vehicle. You may think you actually […]

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Why Mileage Matters

Mileage is a simple, yet effective way of measuring a car’s use. It gives calculated insight on a vehicle’s condition such as when it will need servicing. There are three […]

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Is Used Car Leasing a Smart Option?

2015 new car sales hit record highs, saturating the market with pre-owned inventory. To make up for the disparity, manufacturers are offering leasing options for gently used cars.  More are […]

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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Vehicle

Cars are one of worst investments anyone can make considering that they only depreciate in value. Regardless, you still need a reliable vehicle to get you where you need to […]

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Beat the Heat! Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

As the dog days of summer are still well upon us, the intense summer heat can cause major damage to your vehicle. If you are currently leasing a vehicle, sun […]

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Benefits of Leasing a Car Vs Buying a Car

Buying a car has its advantages, but one of the major leasing bonuses is that you drive more car for less cash. The benefits of leasing a car versus buying […]

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How to Choose the Right Car to Lease

What makes a great lease deal is simplified by low monthly payments. Low monthly payments are a result of a high residual value. Residual value is a car’s estimated worth […]

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6 Common Car Lease Setbacks

I can’t find the vehicle I want to lease. D&M works nationwide to give you the exact car you want, any make, any model, doing all the hard work for […]

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Leasing a Car Vs Buying

Buying Advantages Since you own the vehicle, you can trade it in or sell at any time and use the value towards your next vehicle. Buying is also ideal for […]

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Perfect Time to Lease Your Next Vehicle Is Now!

Why Lease At All? Many assume that leasing is like renting, but it is actually just another way of financing for a vehicle. Rather than you buying the vehicle directly […]

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