4th of July Deals

Although July car sales are figured to be highly profitable, the slight drop off in business is causing car dealers to panic about losing market share. Car dealers also want to clear their lots of leftover 2015 models to make room for new inventory. If you are looking to buy or lease soon, take advantage of the new car deals offered for the 4th of July holiday.

July Vehicles Incentives

Car manufacturers have historically offered the most generous vehicle incentives in July than any other month. Use your three-day weekend to browse the lower selling models. Though incentives are offered straight from the manufacturer, you may not want to commit to buying. Consider leasing if you don’t want to be locked down into ownership, or would prefer to drive a new car every few years. Most car leasing companies will offer enticing rates in order to compete with automakers.

Lease with D&M Leasing

You’ve probably heard manufacturers boasting about no money down among incentives, but D&M Auto Leasing already offers no down payment as well as no payments for the first 60 days with the EZ Lease. The EZ Lease also bids the lowest rates by any company on a standard consumer lease with no termination penalties.

While you’re out test-driving lower selling models this 4th of July weekend, consult D&M Auto Leasing for the best car lease quote.