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Why Lease with No Money Down?

November 15, 2018

Many leasing companies try to persuade their customers that putting a money down on a car lease is the smartest choice. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You Could Lose Your Down Payment

If another leasing company, especially one that doesn’t offer Gap Insurance, convinces you to pay a down payment and your car gets stolen or totaled you will end up losing the money you put down. You might be thinking, having your car stolen or getting into an accident won’t happen to you, but it’s not as uncommon as you think.

DE-flated Monthly Payments

Most auto leasing ads you see on TV look too good to be true because they require a large down payment. Even “No Money Down” ads require as much as $2,500-$3,000 down just for taxes and fees alone, plus a first payment! Before you know it you could write a check for $4,000 or more!

These monthly payments may look appealing but CARS DEPRECIATE! The more money down you pay the more you have at risk! Leasing is supposed to REDUCE your risk!

Zero Money Down at D&M

Here at D&M Auto Leasing, we have the experience to custom fit whatever plan works best for you. Want to make a down payment? Make a plan to it on the right car for the right term and plan for the future.

The vast majority of D&M clients make no down payment and lease with up to 50% lower payments than financing.

At D&M, a leasing professional gives you all the information to make the right decision. You have the convenience of making no down payment on your lease and zero payments for up to 60 days with the EZ Lease. All makes and models are available; pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles, mid-sized sedans, family SUVs, even sports cars for you to choose from. And you can lease new or used.

D&M Leasing adds convenience by doing it all over the phone in most cases. Deliveries for new cars are made to your home or office and all of the paperwork is completed on line! D&M Leasing has a 42 year history as the easiest, most economical way for their clients to get their new vehicles.