It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by all your unanswered questions when shopping for a new car lease, so we’ve created this blog to make things a little easier for you. Keep reading to find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What do MSRP, Residual Value, and Capitalized cost mean?

  • MSRP is the suggested retail price recommended by the manufacturer for the sale of an item in all retail outlets.
  • Residual value describes the guaranteed value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. This is the part of the vehicle you don’t pay for on a lease and is one of the most important benefits. Lease payments are lower because you only pay for the portion of the vehicle you will use.
  • Capital cost refers to the amount that is being financed on a lease. This can include tax, title and license fees or sometimes negative equity from a traded vehicle is rolled in.

What Is the EZ Lease?

  • EZ Lease is an exclusive, customizable, and user-friendly lease that D&M offers to its customers. It provides better rates and more flexibility than the leading competitors’ leases. An EZ Lease, customized to your particular needs and driving profile, is professionally managed by D&M. It delivers the best possible value and client experience.

What happens if I need to terminate my lease early?

  • Just like with an auto loan you can pay off a lease at any time. No lease can guarantee you won’t have negative equity, (be upside-down), in the vehicle if you do. But here at D&M Auto Leasing you never have to pay an early termination penalty if you decide to opt out of your lease.

Do I have to put a down payment?

  • Qualified leases have the option of making no down payment with no payments for 60 days with the EZ Lease.

Can I have two car leases under one name?

Does D&M run any Car Lease Specials?

  • D&M Leasing offers car lease specials throughout the year on some of their most popular vehicles. Check the car lease deals page monthly for new car lease specials in Dallas, Fort Worth, and nationwide!

What kind of car leases does D&M have?

  • D&M specializes in consumer leasing as well as commercial leasing and fleet management. If you are having a hard time getting the car of your dreams, don’t worry! Our D&M representatives will help you find and deliver your perfect car. If your business needs service vehicles, delivery vans or any sort of transportation we offer commercial leasing and fleet management for businesses of any type or size. No matter what you want in a vehicle, D&M can get it for you.

Can I buy a lease return car from D&M?

  • Most leasing companies send their lease returns and trade-ins to a local auction. D&M believes these clean, one owner vehicles represent an exceptional value to our clients. We list them for a limited time direct to the public for purchase or lease! Shop our pre-owned vehicles and save some money!

Our D&M representatives are known for their exceptionally friendly, local, professional service. Nearly seventy percent of our business comes from repeat or referred clients. Feel free to fill out our online quote form to get started on your auto-leasing journey today!