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    Lease Return Cars for Sale


    Quality Pre-owned Cars

    Most leasing companies send their trade-in and lease return vehicles straight to a local auto auction where dealers are able to cherry pick vehicles for their own inventory. Dealers often make a huge profit by selling at retail value.

    At D&M, we guarantee our lease return cars for sale offer low milage and are returned in great condition. Get a quote for a used car deal today.

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    D&M's Used Car Inventory

    At D&M we cut out the middle-man by offering our vehicle trade-ins and off-lease cars on the internet for 14 days directly to the public. Save big and check out D&M’s pre-owned car inventory.

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    Sell Your Vehicle to D&M

    At D&M Leasing, we feel it’s part of our job to get you the highest trade-in value for your old car. Whether we buy your old car, or simply facilitate the sale, our retail network of used car experts will make sure you receive top dollar for your car. That means the best value for your lease trade in.

    What to bring:
    1. All keys, including valet keys, and remotes for your vehicle
    2. Your vehicle’s title or pay-off information
    3. Your driver’s license or valid state-issued photo identification
    4. Current and valid vehicle registration

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an off-lease car?

    An off-lease car is a vehicle that’s been returned to a dealer at the end of its lease. Generally, off-lease cars have been gently used and well cared for. At D&M, we hundreds of well maintained lease returns for you to select from.

    Where to buy off-lease cars?

    Most used cars available for sale at various dealerships are acquired at auctions and then remarketed retail to the public. D&M’s inventory is unique in that the never ending supply of vehicles are directly off lease from our thousands of active leases terminating daily and are not acquired at auctions.

    Our subsidiary Dallas Lease Returns offers the best pre-owned car inventory at the lowest prices. Dallas Lease Returns carries over 400 unique Lease Returns and trades per month. Primarily these vehicles are one owner, local lease returns. Check out our online inventory today!

    Are lease returns a good buy?

    Yes! If you are looking to buy a gently pre-owned car, buying a lease return could be right for you. It is well documented that lease vehicles are maintained with services up to date and offer good value on the used car market.

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