What is involved with turning in a leased vehicle? Are there any additional expenses? Auto leasing companies specialize in managing options to extend your car lease another year, purchase the vehicle at lease end or trade out early. What if I want a different kind of car? Do I have to start over with a new dealer? Do I have to go out and find my own vehicle if I know what I want? A perk with working with an auto leasing company is the ability to manage all of these needs easily and get unbiased information to make the right decision

Car Lease Terms

When researching auto lease specials, it is important to understand auto lease terms, mileage restrictions and down payment. Typical terms on car leases range from 24-60 months and typical mileage is 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year. Down payment requirements vary tremendously from tax, title and license fees to thousands of additional dollars. A low payment often does not represent the total cost of the lease.

When agreeing to a finance or lease term take your yearly mileage and desired trade cycle into consideration. Lessees experience the greatest benefit when needs are assessed and the lease is properly structured.

Benefits of working with D&M Auto Leasing and their EZ Lease programs include flexibility, mileage forgiveness, no money down and options to extend, purchase or trade in your lease vehicle.

Lease Terminology

Auto Leases are made up of three primary components: capitalized cost, residual value, and depreciation. The capitalized cost or “cap cost” is the price of the car plus additional fees that will be calculated into the monthly car lease program. The Residual Value is the guaranteed vehicle value at the end of the auto lease.

The difference between these two values is the portion of a vehicle’s value you pay for in a lease and derive the savings over traditional financing. It is important to understand how all three components match your needs at the time of signing.

EZ Leasing and EZ Leasing Plus Program

D&M Auto Leasing offers flexible programs that fit your personal and business needs. Lease any make, any model – new, certified pre-owned, or pre-owned. The difference with D&M Auto Leasing is the EZ Lease and EZ Lease Plus programs. Both programs make auto leasing easy and hassle free. EZ Lease and EZ Lease Plus program offer no down payments, no payments for 60 days, lowest rates, and no early termination fees