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Leasing Benefits Q&A

GAP Insurance
GAP insurance is included in all D&M Auto Leasing contracts.

One of the big benefits of leasing is that you get the coverage you need, which includes GAP insurance at no extra charge. If your vehicle is ever totaled or stolen, then you would not be responsible for the payoff amount. If you roll all the taxes and negative equity from another car into your lease, you can walk away with no obligation other than your deductible.

I drive too many miles.
D&M Leasing specializes in high mileage leases. Miles that cost 18 to 20 cents per mile in a lease contract cost as little as 5 or 6 cents per mile in the actual market.

Banks and dealers do not give you money back for mileage you do not use. D&M Leasing will manage your mileage situation by structuring your lease to purchase miles at market value – not at the rate the banks want you to pay.

I don’t own anything at the end.
If you’re unsure about your future needs with a car, then it’s best to keep your options open and your liability low. D&M Leasing manages your lease and specializes in creating options for you while preparing for any situations that may arise.

With D&M Leasing, you have the option of trading out early with retention benefits, simply terminating your lease and walking away with no unexpected charges, negotiating a great purchase option should you decide to keep your car, or selling it. No matter what decision you make, D&M will make it easy for you to equitably get into the next vehicle of your choice – any make, any model.

What are the tax implications? (Business write-offs)
D&M Leasing specializes in business-use leases. Our customers who use their vehicles for business purposes have enjoyed many favorable tax benefits.

Why should I do business at D&M Leasing instead of a dealer?
A dealer has to sell you a car in order to make money, and you’ll often spend more time selecting a car and negotiating a price than you’ll spend discussing the financial arrangements. This costs you money in the long run.

At D&M Leasing, we specialize in structuring a lease arrangement that suits your personal needs, and saves you time and money. Then, we buy your car at the lowest possible fleet price. Finally, we are the largest consumer leasing company in the nation. We lease more cars than most dealers sell, so our rates are discounted to you.

What about warranty repairs and dealer service?
You get the same manufacturer’s warranty as if you purchased the vehicle yourself. Every dealer is obliged to take your car for service no matter where it was purchased.

What about personal property tax?
A D&M lease has no personal property tax if you use your vehicle for more than 50% personal use. A small yearly municipal tax may apply in select Texas cities.

At D&M Leasing, we will complete an application for your exemption, provide the notarized form and submit it to finalize your exempt status with the state.

What are my options at the end of the lease? Can I trade out early or am I stuck?
Leasing actually creates more options than long-term financing because you have less liability in your vehicle. In worst-case scenarios, most leases are assumable.

D&M Leasing specializes in getting our customers equitably out of their leases and into whatever vehicle they need next. More than 70% of our clients take this option.

We have retention benefits that actually put money on the table to help you trade out early when you come back to us. 60-70% of the business we do each month is repeat and referral, which saves our customers money when we manage this process.

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