What is an Attorney Auto Leasing Program?

Attorney’s Auto Lease is a division of D&M Auto Leasing, the largest consumer leasing company in the nation. We specialize in making the acquisition of a new or pre-owned automobile very easy for legal professionals while saving them time and money.

Why should I lease through D&M?

  • D&M will acquire the exact vehicle you want at our fleet price for the sole purpose of facilitating a lease with you. We shop markets all over the country to ensure availability and price.
  • D&M will perform a “virtual appraisal” of your current vehicle over the phone and facilitate the sale of that vehicle to the highest buyer.
  • D&M will personalize your lease based on your need for miles per year, money down, (if any), proper term and business or personal use.
  • We do this all over the telephone and deliver your car to your home or office anywhere in the country.

How do I get started?

Our leasing professionals excel at managing the needs of our clients. Your personal Attorney’s Auto Lease specialist is equipped to handle your entire transaction from start to finish. From general information to credit, locating your vehicle, delivery, and disclosure of all contracts and conditions – our 30 years of experience works for you.

We also arrange a free loan car for you when your vehicle is in for mechanical service.

Mike Stacy – Ext. 409 (817) 509-8837

D&M Auto Leasing – Fort Worth
1612 Summit Ave, Ste 250
Fort Worth, TX 76102