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Leasing vs. Buying a Car

What’s the difference between leasing and buying a car? Let D&M Auto Leasing help simplify this difficult process by examining the pros and cons of car leasing and buying.


As the price of cars increase people are financing them longer and longer and therefore rarely own them outright. Leasing offers lower monthly payments and lower up front cost. As the leading provider of DFW auto leasing, we are dedicated to helping our Dallas, Fort-Worth, and Houston area customers decide if car leasing is right for you.

6 Common Car Leasing Setbacks

There are 6 common setbacks customers often experience when setting out to lease a vehicle. We can help you work around these obstacles and assure you that you are receiving […]

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Car Leasing Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying Advantages Since you own the vehicle, you can trade it in or sell at any time and use the value towards your next vehicle. Buying is also ideal for […]

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How to Calculate Car Lease Payments

Hunting for a great car lease deal is inconvenient and exhausting. Even if you’ve contacted multiple vehicle leasing companies, it’s difficult to identify a fair quote without knowing what goes […]

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Is Auto Leasing Right For You?

Drive a Nicer Vehicle Buying typically limits you to more modest vehicles, preventing you from driving the vehicle you actually want. With leasing, luxury vehicles are capable of rates competitive […]

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Fleet Leasing Vs Buying

3 Main Points to Consider when Fleet Leasing Many trades require frequent travel, room for cargo, or even carpool capabilities. Relying on its employee’s vehicles to suit its needs may […]

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5 Easy Steps to Car Leasing

Step 1: Do Your Homework Have no more than 3 cars you’re interested in leasing picked out, and test drive them first. Also make sure to familiarize yourself with leasing […]

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Why The Surge In Leasing vs Buying a Car?

The number of consumers choosing to lease rather than buy in the last year has increased significantly. More than 25% of new-cars sold in 2015 were leases, versus 22% the […]

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9 Steps to Leasing a Car

You’ve made the decision to lease instead of buy, but you may be unclear of the next step. To avoid a terrible leasing experience, D&M Auto Leasing has created a […]

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Leasing Vs Buying a Car

Are you curious about the benefits of leasing versus buying a car? The answer depends on your current financial situation and what you value in a car. Lower Monthly Payments […]

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What to Ask When Leasing a Car

Do you currently have any lease specials? Most auto leasing companies will run deals in which you pay more upfront to decrease your monthly bill amounts. However, you may end […]

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