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Welcome UTA Staff, Students & Alumni


Register above to obtain information on exclusive leasing programs available only to UTA Staff, Students, and Alumni provided by D&M’s Employee Benefits Division.

PHONE: (817)798-7477  – Mike Stacy


Auto Leasing Discounts Exclusive to UTA:

Welcome to D&M Auto Leasing’s Employee Benefits Program. One of the great benefits of working with Mike Stacy and D&M Leasing is that our partnership with UTA has a common goal: We both strive to be ‘Recognized’. Just like UTA, Mike and his team care about you and want to offer the ‘best’ customer service like you care for and provide the ‘best’ education for UTA students. We are always striving to improve our leasing packages by being innovators in our industry – finding you the best vehicle for your hard-earned dollar, keeping it simple and convenient to your schedule and creating the most enjoyable automotive experience ever.

We have worked hard to design specialized custom leasing programs and corporate discounts that are available only to the UTA family.  As such, you will be entitled to benefits such as:

So relax and leave the research to one of our Employee Benefits Leasing Specialists. Simply complete the form on this page, or call (817)798-7477 to speak with Mike Stacy directly.


Testimonials From Satisfied UTA Staff, Students & Alumni:

We will continue to grow our business with more and more satisfied customers every day. Here are a few testimonials from some of your peers:

“I purchased my 2012 Jeep Wrangler from D&M Leasing and Mike Stacy. Mike provided me with six different vehicles to test drive over a two week time frame. He had them delivered and picked up at my work each time which saved me the time and money of not having to go to a car lot to test drive the vehicles. After I chose my Jeep he delivered it to my house to go over the nuances of the Jeep. He brought the paperwork and I was done in 30 minutes, he could not have made it any easier. I would highly recommend Mike and the company to anyone.”
Jim Baker
Athletic Director
UT Arlington

“I have been a long time personal customer of D&M Leasing and Mike Stacy.  D&M Leasing and Mike have always proven to be exceptional in their service and ability to take care of my needs in getting a car.  I have gotten my last five cars from Mike and D&M and have never hesitated to refer friends and work colleagues to them.  I would highly recommend Mike and the company to anyone.”
Gregg Elkin
Senior Associate Athletic Director
UT Arlington

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